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Ulm innovation region: A leader in the south

Arial view of Ulm's Science City

A lack of self-confidence has never been an accusation brought against the citizens of Ulm. More than 600 years ago, the Ulm citizens decided to build a large church with a capacity of 20.000 people - at their own expense! - although their city had not more than 8000 inhabitants. Pretentious? Megalomaniac? Not at all. Brave and visionary! Today, the Ulm Minster is the trademark of the city.
And here is the self-chosen trade name "Spitze im Süden". Again, Ulm keeps its promises. The city on the Danube is one of the most innovative, dynamic, fast-growing and liveable cities in Germany. By the way, this is not only the opinion of the Ulm citizens, but proved by scientific studies of renowned institutes. In the "Prognos-Zukunftsatlas", which analyses economic development potential in a three-year cycle, Ulm has already taken ninth place among 412 districts and independent cities in Germany - ahead of large cities like Stuttgart or Cologne. more