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All of us - the action plan

Postcard of the exhibition "We All"

© lahaye tiedemann

For us, diversity in urban society is a reality, an opportunity and an enrichment - we are proud of this. Our commitment to equal opportunities is our motivation. We advocate a cosmopolitan, free and democratic urban society that values every person with all their facets and treats them with respect. Commitment and a space for encounters, respect and dignity, self-efficacy and participation are the basis for social cohesion and a respectful coexistence.

All people living in Ulm, regardless of their personal background should have the same opportunities to live well, contribute to and develop in this city.

Advantages of actively promoting diversity:
Ulm can

  • promote social cohesion, social peace and a sense of belonging,
  • strengthen representation and identification, because the diversity of citizens is reflected in the personnel structure of the city’s administration,
  • make work easier and provide tailored services through flexibility and a diversity of competences in both internal and external actions,
  • meet the requirements of citizen-oriented services and a modern administration,
  • counter the shortage of skilled workers, which affects the economy but also increasingly administration,
  • promote the city as a place of innovation, where different life experiences and perspectives inspire social and cultural life as well as work environments, thus strengthening the economy and science,
  • empower people and groups
  • and much more!

Therefore, the concept is a self-imposed mission of the city’s administration as well as a call to the citizens to get involved in whichever way is possible for them, to work toward developing a fair, humane Ulm and in doing so, to help shape this wonderful city.

Who is committed to this?: All of us!