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Science Parks

The "Wissenschaftsstadt" (Science Parks) of Ulm


The birthplace of Albert Einstein is characterized by two clear features: The Ulmer Münster (Minster), the highest church tower in the world, and the Science Parks of Ulm. Here is where the future is wrought. The wide network of universities, clinic and research facilities has developed into a motor for the entire economic area. International companies such as Daimler Benz and Nokia operate their research centres in the Science Parks. Small companies who love innovation - amongst them successful spin-offs from the universities - have established themselves in the ScienceParks I and II. The An institutes, supported by the country and economy together, understand themselves as links between research and industrial development.

The Science Parks also generates jobs: In Science Park II alone, around 4000 new jobs were created. In total, the Science Parks provide work for over 11,000 people - and this figure is increasing. The Science Park III creates potential for further expansion.