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Panoramic view of Ulm

Welcome to Ulm!

View of the Fishermen's Quarter

"In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum" - this famous tongue twister represents a very special city experience within the double-city of Ulm/Neu-Ulm on the Danube River. In addition to offering its visitors the view of the Ulm Minster, the highest church steeple in the world, Ulm also offers its visitors an enchanting view of the old town, the fishermans' quarter, and the Wiblingen monastery. more

Fishermen's Quarter

View from "Häuslesbrücke"

There’s no better place to forget the present than on a walk through Ulm’s fishermen’s and tanners’ quarter (Fischer- und Gerberviertel). Its enchanted world of half-timbered houses lapped by water begins just a few steps to the south of the modern city centre. Glittering river Blau, dripping mill wheels, twittering sparrows. The streets run up to the gates in the city wall, where they are greeted by the magnificent view of the Danube. All this makes the erstwhile artisans’ district the city’s most popular tourist attraction after the Ulm Minster. more