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Aerial view of the Ulm minster by night

Battle on the Danube during the famous Fischerstechen

The town hall

Ulm for Beginners

University Ulm

"ULM": the sound that the famous Swabian writer Thaddäus Troll once wrote, sounds as if someone tried to speak very, very, Swabian; as if they had a big dumpling in their mouth. Nowadays, in contrast, one can hear the distinct "Un-Swabian" accent when anyone in Ulm tries to pronounce the name of the Danube city. This, of course, is the result of people from over 140 different nations living... More

The Ulm Way to a Smart City


The Ulm Way in developping a Smart City combines quality of life and civic tradition with economic perspective. Here we want to inform you about the path and progress Ulm is making as a smart city and highlight possibilities on how to engage and cooperate with us - as a citizen, company or administrative body. Mission Smart City introduces you to the smart city topic as well as to Ulm's approach... more