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The Ulm Way to a Smart City


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The Ulm Way in developping a Smart City combines quality of life and civic tradition with economic perspective. Here we want to inform you about the path and progress Ulm is making as a smart city and highlight possibilities on how to engage and cooperate with us - as a citizen, company or administrative body. Mission Smart City introduces you to the smart city topic as well as to Ulm's approach and strategy towards the issue. "A European City" explains the multiple links between the city of Ulm and the European Union through networks, cooperation, and funding. "Sponsors & Partners" introduces you to our diverse network of partners from politics, science, business and society.

An overview about the Mission Smart City in Ulm, you find here: Mission Smart City.

To find more detailed information (in German language) on the specific subsidy programmes, follow the links below.
Ulm4CleverCity |  Zukunftsstadt  | Zukunftskommune | Interreg - Shareplace

Vibrant civic city
The citizens of Ulm have achieved a great deal in the past and are distinguished by their own way of doing things. One masterpiece, for example, is the more than 200-year construction process of the Ulm Cathedral, which was built solely by Ulm's citizens and is the city's landmark. Another sign of the emancipation of the citizenry is the Schwörmontag -"Oath Monday". On this day, the Lord Mayor gives his account to the citizens - a tradition that can be traced back to the year 1345.

Self-confident and committed
The citizens of Ulm are characterized by a broad commitment in clubs and associations, churches, charitable and other non-profit organizations. This commitment should be maintained even in an increasingly technological world. That is why the principles of Ulm's digitization strategy are: open, for everyone, smart and sustainable. Ulm is also committed to technological sovereignty by maintaining its independence from digital infrastructure and services and relying on open-source solutions.

Inventor city
Celebrities such as Albrecht Berblinger - inventor and aviation pioneer, Albert Einstein - discoverer of the theory of relativity, and Conrad-Dietrich Magirus - technology pioneer and entrepreneur have shaped Ulm. However, Ulm also offers space for numerous well-known companies, such as Seeberger GmbH, Siemens AG and Breuer GmbH. The digital transformation will need the city's inventive spirit, because the cards in terms of location policy and urban development will be reshuffled with digitalization.

Tolerant and cosmopolitan
More than 140 different cultures now live together peacefully in Ulm - more than every second inhabitant has roots in a non-German cultural group. Ulm is a science city and is located in a very economically strong region. Both competences are the main reasons for new city citizens to move to Ulm. Ulm wants to retain this openness, because it forms a foundation for the city's common good.

Ulm is already a role model for smart city development, applying and actively developing best practices. Here is a selection:

  • The LoRaWAN and LoRaPark, which illustrate and test how an efficient IoT infrastructure can be established and how diverse the potential uses cases are.
  • The Open Data Platform is fed with data about and by the municipality; the data are freely accessible and can be modified and used for personal and commercial purposes. Data transmitted via the LoRaWAN network will also be integrated here.
  • The citizen participation platform is a direct digital connection between the city administration and the citizens; both sides can ask questions and propose solutions, thus citizens can engage in a bottom-up approach and shape their future city themselves.

More projects and more details about our projects you can find here Innovative digital solutions.