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Aerial view of the Ulm minster by night

Battle on the Danube during the famous Fischerstechen

The town hall

Ulm for Beginners

University Ulm

"ULM": the sound that the famous Swabian writer Thaddäus Troll once wrote, sounds as if someone tried to speak very, very, Swabian; as if they had a big dumpling in their mouth. Nowadays, in contrast, one can hear the distinct "Un-Swabian" accent when anyone in Ulm tries to pronounce the name of the Danube city. This, of course, is the result of people from over 140 different nations living... More

Schwörmontag (Oath Monday)

Lord Mayor Gunter Czisch

To “serve rich and poor alike” – that is to work equally for all citizens: this is the oath first defined in 1345 and sworn by Ulm's Lord Mayor every year on Oath Monday, a unique legal tradition. Then they celebrate – first on the Danube and then throughout the city. Oath Monday is Ulm's day. It falls on the second to last Monday in July. Political Ulm looks forward to the oath ceremony, during which the Lord Mayor gives an account of the year. It marks the beginning and end of the political year in Ulm, after which local government takes a summer recess.