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Ulm at the Smart City Expo World Congress


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In November, experts and decision makers from all around the world meet in Barcelona at the Smart City Expo to deliberate on pressing smart city issues and exchange knowledge and experience. Ulm has been engaged during the last years to foster the digital and sustainable urban transformation for the city across all sectors.

In Barcelona, Sindy Würffel from the Digital Agenda Office at the Ulm City Administration will present Ulm's lessons learnt at the panel: "Smart cities & regions made in Baden-Wuerttemberg | Germany - tech driven or human powered?" Ulm is open to share its expertise and collaborate on further projects.

Here you find more information about the Smart City Expo.


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Thursday, November 18th | by Sindy
LoRa connects: At the Smart City Expo World Congress, there were several municipalities presenting their IoT (Internet of Things) activities - the city of Eichenzell in Hessen and Tampere in Finland are also quite familiar with Ulm's efforts in The Things Network (TTN), as I learned in conversation. Very exciting: the Spanish city of Terrassa near Barcelona has an IoT network via LoRaWAN and has already launched various projects. Another intensive exchange offered itself - and was agreed upon. 

Wednesday, November 17th | by Sindy
An exciting approach to waste reduction is offered by the app "gozerowaste", which wants to put an end to food packaging: Unpackaged food is available for collection on a shelf. With the help of the app, a dispenser can be activated that provides a recyclable box into which the desired food can then be filled. A box that has already been used can also be returned. The app also offers other features, such as where the system is offered. Or a gallery shows which of the users' own creative packaging is used as a box - and quite analogously, there is also a "bingo" variant with stamp collection on paper. For environmentalists without a smartphone. More information

Tuesday, November 16th | by Sindy

The "Autonomous Driving Challenge" as part of the SCEWC impressed me the most yesterday: creativity and competence of young technicians are wanted and challenged. Four teams from Spanish universities competed against each other and programmed model cars that, based on an original roadway from Barcelona, were later able to drive the route without errors, obey light signals and avoid hurdles.

By the way: A team from the Ulm University is quite successful in the same area: Team Spatzenhirn.

The autonomous shuttle, which demonstrates its smart capabilities at another stand, is also impressive: It drives right up to pavements, is battery-powered and controlled by small magnets in the road.

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The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), the leading international summit for cities and smart urban solutions brings the urban innovation industry together once again and in person - this year for the tenth time.  From 16 to 18 November, with over 400 exhibitors and 300 speakers, the event will reflect on the post-pandemic transformation of metropolises and the need to meet the needs of their citizens even more than before, under the motto "We are the cities we make". "bw international" is offering a joint stand for municipalities and companies from Baden Württemberg in Barcelona in cooperation with Berlin/Bandenburg.

In order to cover the many areas involved, the congress programme is divided into eight thematic areas: Basic Technologies, Energy and Environment, Mobility, Governance, Housing and Integration, Economy, Infrastructure and Buildings, and Safety and Security. Numerous cities and countries will present current projects, including Argentina, Barcelona, Austria, Belgium, Berlin, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, The Hague, India, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Paris, Poland, Sweden and the USA.